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The beginning...

Founded in 2020 by Umar Valu AKA Umar Salaams, a lifelong musician who started creating music at the age of 7. Inspired by experiences in music and film production and his grandad who was a well known musician in Kenya. Umar set out to create a platform that provides halal soundtracks for content creators. From humble beginnings, Halal Beats has grown into an empire that offers a wide range of vocal-only soundtracks to inspire your creativity.

Who we are...

We are a group of individuals who have come from working in the mainstream music & film industry to provide a solution for Muslim content creators & businesses. We have produced a music library of high-quality vocal-only beats and soundtracks, which give a similar vibe to mainstream music.

Why us?

We all know content made using good sound makes a huge difference to the production, defining the overall mood and tone. We also know that using vocal-based soundtracks increases the coverage of the content, which is why Halal Beats offers a range of vocal-based soundtracks to cover most audience beliefs on music compared to soundtracks that use musical instruments.

Our mission...

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Halal Beats is the world's first and leading vocal-based sound solution, made for anyone and everyone to use regardless of their beliefs. We aim to help make it easier for Muslims to create and use content with our vocal-based soundtracks.

We offer two variations of the same beat...

Beat breakdown

Vocals only

We provide an extensive selection of vocal-type soundtracks to cater to all audiences and customers. Our range includes mixed (female and male) vocals, as well as tracks with exclusively only male or only female vocals, to offer diverse options for different types of events such as female or male-only events & content. We use a range of different pitch variable vocals from all around the world. Such as vocals recorded in-house, vocal samples, vocal synths and vocal pads.​ 

Vocals & Drum

Our ‘Vocal & Drum’ soundtracks feature a traditional frame drum called a ‘Daf,’ which we record in-house. These tracks are specifically designed to be used at events that celebrate diversity and cultural traditions, such as religious events like Eid celebrations, cultural events like weddings or festivals, and community events such as charity fundraisers or gatherings.

modify a beat?

How about change the style of an existing beat? We offer:



Time extension

From Male-to-female vocal change (Vice Versa)

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The worlds first and leading...

OUR Sucess

how it started...

In 2020, Halal Beats was launched, providing a much-needed vocal-only soundtrack solution for content creators, videographers, businesses, and anyone seeking such music. Since then, Halal Beats has rapidly gained popularity as a beloved brand known for its accessible and inspiring music options.


The founder of Halal Beats was invited to a worldwide national TV station to discuss and explain how Halal Beats took off from an idea to a fully running business serving over 300,000+ Muslim & non-muslim content creators worldwide.​

...how its going

Halal Beats has grown rapidly, serving millions of listeners and users worldwide. As a trusted brand and solution, it meets the needs of content creators, videographers, businesses, and music enthusiasts. By offering a diverse range of high-quality vocal-based soundtracks, Halal Beats has garnered a loyal following. The platform's commitment to excellence and user-centric approach ensures its continuous evolution and impact in the music & media industry.

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